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Dear former Schaumburg fairy tale singers,
dear Former Obernkirchen Children’s Choir

the website “” (suggested by UteW, named after the place and year of the foundation) was created for us alumni and for the friends of the Obernkirchen Children’s Choir. It was a lot of work, and I would like to thank all the helpers here – especially Suse, with her great ideas.

On our side, we, the former singers, should find each other and evoke memories on the very detailed history pages of all generations of choir conductors, in the biographies, the travel routes, videos and pictures. For the friends of the choir it should be a fountain of information, an appealing reading book.

I also keep thinking of the now active choir members and their parents: Here you should learn something about the history and the development of your choir – things that you have probably never heard of before.

And maybe the public will be curious to discover our site. Since the Schaumburg Märchensänger, the Obernkirchen Children’s Choir, are, in my opinion, better known in the English-speaking world than in Germany, this page is also available in English. I am curious about the reactions.

Some things are not finished yet – such articles are still waiting for the authors. Unfortunately I cannot write a choir history e.g. about the times 1998-2009. I wasn’t there. Former choir members of this generation have to write this. Thank you!

Of course you, the former Obernkirchen Children’s Choir, want more. We want to exchange ideas extensively, right? That’s why I set up a non-public forum again, a platform only for us, only for logged-in alumni, for our choir family.
My hope is that this new forum will be used lively: for conversation, exchanging memories, uploading pictures, adding further details and additions to the choir history, writing anecdotes and stories yourself, providing excerpts from your diaries or letters and the things that such a platform can offer.
And how does it work?
Any former Obernkirchen Childrens’s Choir can log in using their first name. If there is more than one, please add additional letters or the full name at birth. Of course, the nickname common at the time and known to everyone would also be possible. Sure, I’m fine – my name “Wolfgang” only exists once in our ranks. That’s enough to log in. No envy please, we bass singers always had privileges, right?
But let’s get back – fantasy names are generally not accepted! Everyone should choose the password as they like – it doesn’t matter. Nobody can read it, not even me as the administrator.
Over time, you will find sufficient help on how to log in on the left column.
 Any questions that arise will also be answered there as an aid if necessary.
There is also the link for the forum at the top.
 Simply click on it, everything else is self-explanatory.
I look forward to your coming to the forum, to your texts and your contributions. A common platform lives from what everyone brings in. There are an infinite number of topics.